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Meet Tennessee Action Pistol

Welcome Tennessee Action Pistol, some of the Newest Members of Team Newbold!

About TAP

Founded in early 2015, Tn Action Pistol began as a group of like minded individuals passionate about shooting sports. Newbold Targets agreed to begin sponsoring their team starting January 2016 and look forward to a great year ahead with this great group of competitive shooters. They promote shooting sports through their actions and lead by example. They train often and complete in multiple matches each month. 

TAP's Team Shooters Include: 


    Joe Williams - Ranked Expert in Enhanced Service Pistol & Stock Service Pistol 





    Chuck Stewart - Growing up on a working farm, hunting and using firearms has always been a part of his life.        This year he's looking forward to progressing those skills. 






    Andy Martin - Began competing IDPA, GSSF, USPSA and Outlaw Steel matches.






    Kenneth Kloeppel - Started out with IDPA, Steel Challenge, Run 'n' Gun and is looking forward to a great year of     competitive shooting. 





Check out TAP's website.

View their schedule of events and matches throughout the year.

You can also follow them on facebook and see how Tennessee Action Pistol uses Newbold Targets for matches and for training. 

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