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Newbold Targets

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Newbold Targets Fact Sheet

What are Newbold Targets?

Newbold Targets are Self-Sealing, Reactive Polymer targets which are best used for shooting competitions, weekend plinking, law enforcement and military training as well as use on both private and public gun ranges, etc. Newbold Targets manufacture an array of different targets for all types of reactive target movement from knock-down to swinging action.

Newbold Targets provide a number of benefits to the shooter, including:

  • No ricochet or bullet splatter
  • Bullets pass through the target (leaving only a pinhole behind)
  • Targets can be shot thousands of times
  • Targets can be shot at a closer range than steel, safely
  • Targets are lighter than steel and easier to transport
  • Newbold Targets are reactive, so that the shooter will see action with each hit!

Who is Newbold?

Newbold Targets, headquartered in Middlesex, New Jersey, was founded by two brothers and their father in 1995. The threesome was looking for a safer alternative to steel targets which would still be reactive and just as fun to shoot at but would be much safer and could eliminate ricochet and bullet splatter, especially at close range.

After testing a number a designs and mediums, this family of engineers decided on improving a formula they were already familiar with for elastomer, a polymer which has the natural properties of rubber but looks similar to plastic. The brother’s formula was a success and the company has been providing tough, yet flexible self-sealing, reactive polymer targets which are much safer than steel for nearly 20 years.

Did You Know?

  • Newbold Targets was the first company to introduce Self-Sealing Reactive Polymer Targets to the industry in 1995.
  • Newbold Targets are seven times lighter than their steel counterparts.
  • Newbold Targets have been time-tested and range proven by military, law enforcement and border patrol professionals, as well as private training facilities and shooting ranges.
  • There is an estimated 16,000 to 18,000 indoor firing ranges in operation in the United States. (1)
  • Military and Law Enforcement agencies can get up to 40% off Newbold Targets.
  • Newbold HangTuff Hanging Targets and Knock-Down KD-Pivot Targets also work great with paintball guns.
  • According to the U.S. Bureau of Land Management residents of Utah are not permitted to shoot at steel targets on any public property.
  • Newbold Targets are all weather and can be shot at temperatures from -40F to +120F
  • An 8” dia. x 5/8” Thick L-Series target can be shot at 1,000+ times with a .45 Cal. Semi-wad.
  • All Newbold Targets come in four different colors. (Black, Orange, Red & Yellow)
  • Newbold Targets can be used with any lead round nose or full metal jacket ammo.

(1) Kardous, Churcri. Take Aim at Protecting Yourself: Solutions for Preventing Lead Poisoning and Hearing Loss at Indoor Firing Ranges. National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. May 18, 2009.

Newbold Targets Make The Difference
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