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Newbold Targets

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3 Gun Targets

Newbold Targets NEW 3 Gun Targets are available for Shotgun and Rifle. Our 8" Shotgun Target can be hung from multiple locations along the edge of the target and is highly reactive. This is by far our most fun target to use during practice or in a match. Our New 3" Rifle Target is for anyone who likes a challenge and doesn't have a long bay for rifle practice. Its size makes it easy to hang from 20 yards away while still giving you a challenging shot and our self-sealing material makes it safe to shot with high powered rifles at close range. Try them out today!

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3" Round ElastiMax Self-Sealing Rifle Target
Newbold's 3" Round ElastiMax Self-Sealing Rifle Targets were designed specifically with 3-Gun S..
8" Self-Sealing Round ElastiMAX Shotgun Target
Newbold's 8" Self-Sealing Round ElastiMAX Shotgun Targets were designed specifically with 3-Gun Shoo..
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