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Newbold Targets

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Auto Reset Targets

Auto Reset Targets

Newbold’s Auto-Reset L-Series Targets mount on soft wood 2x4s, 2x3s and 1x6s. With each hit they snap back and then auto-reset to the upright position. There is no need to go down-range to reset this target. One-piece L-Series targets have a flexible hinge at the base made of ElastiMAX™, the same polymer material as the target, so bullets pass thru the target and the hinge. For an entirely different reaction, remove the bolts to knock the L-Series Target completely off the stand.

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6" Round L-Series Plate Rack Kit (includes (6) 6" L-Series Targets, (6) L-Series Support Bases & the Alpha Stand Brackets)
Newbold's 6" L-Series Plate Rack Kit includes (6) 6" L-Series Targets in Orange, (6) L-Series S..
$249.99 $199.99
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