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Military & Law Enforcement

Newbold Targets offers an array of self-sealing targets for tactical training exercises including close combat shooting scenario’s with targets within 10 yards. Newbold Targets self-seal and allow bullets to pass through without ricochet or splatter and can be used in close training situations when they are mounted on and near materials that also allow bullets to pass through without risk of ricochet or splatter, such as soft wood stands.

Newbold Targets take the hits and allow training exercises to continue without trips down range to replace your target. One of Newbold’s 8” Targets can take over 1,000 hits with .45 caliber roundnose ammo and several thousand hits with .22s.

Our 22” and 42” Pepper Poppers are our most popular targets for Military and Law Enforcement Agencies. These targets are mounted on soft wood bases and attached to a pivot base which is made of the same shoot through material as the target itself making the bases just as durable as our self-sealing targets. Newbold’s 42” Pepper Popper Target System weighs no more than 13 lbs total and is easy to transport and use in both indoor and outdoor ranges.

The 42” Pepper Popper can also be used with the Newbold Tactical-T Adapter. The Tactical-T slips down over any 42″ Pepper-Popper. Just add an old T-shirt and make it look like a human attacker. Only solid hits on the popper target will bring the reactive 42″ popper target down. When mounted on the popper target, bullets pass through the thin “shoulders” of this Tactical-T.


Looking for a Knock down target which offers more challenge than the standard Pepper Popper?

Newbold’s KD-Pivot Series targets register hits immediately so that you can move on to your next target with confidence that you have neutralized the threat. These targets knock down when hit and are mounted to KD-Pivot Bases which are made of our ElastiMAX™ shoot through material which self-seals when hit maximizing the life of your target and the target base. These targets range in size from 4” to 10” rounds and squares and are available in four different colors, including black, orange, red and yellow. Additional shapes, colors and sizes are available from 2” – 12” in the KD-Pivot Series as well.

Take a look at our full line of products and register for an account with Newbold Targets to receive our Military and Law Enforcement Discounts.


For Law Enforcement and Military - Newbold Targets is proud to offer 10% off on our full line of products.

At Checkout, this Discount will be automatically applied to all of the Newbold targets you order from when you are registered as Law Enforcement or Military personnel.

To Register click the link “Create an Account” at the top left of the page. Make sure to select that you are either Military or Law Enforcement and fill in all the required information on the page. Your account will be verified within 24 hours and you will be eligible for the discounts below on all orders when you are logged into your account from that point on.

Total dollar amounts do not include shipping, handling, crating, taxes and products that are not made of our self-sealing ElastiMAX™ polymer target material, for example, soft wood target bases or wood screws.

This discount is available until further notice.

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