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Newbold Targets

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Newbold's Pepper Popper Targets at a Glance

Product Self-Healing Reactive Polymer Pepper Popper
Steel or Plastic? Neither, Self-Healing Polymer called ThroomTM
Base Either, Wood Base or ThroomTM Base
Size 22” or 42” Pepper Popper
Life of Target Targets can be shot thousands of times.

Any caliber full metal jacket round nose Pistol ammo. 22" Poppers will react to .22 hits. 22" & 42" Poppers are both great with shotgun slugs and highly reactive!

Transport Targets are seven times lighter than steel.
Discounts Quantity Discounts up to 10% for Law Enforcement, Military, Ranges and Instructors. 
Shipping Anywhere
Reactive Yes
Safety No ricochet or bullet splatter. Bullets pass Throo target
Colors Black, Orange, Red, Yellow
Temperature Can be shot at -40F to +120F. All Weather Safe. 
Tested Tested & Range approved by military, law enforcement, border patrol & shooting ranges
Cost Starting from $80.99
Newbold Targets Make The Difference
We accept all major credit cards System for Award Management Made in the USA The Original Self-Sealing Reactive Polymer Targets