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Newbold Targets

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Newbold Shooter Tips

Quick Tips: Designed to help you have fun and shoot safe!

  • After a round of shooting, spray-paint the targets with a fast drying paint. This gives the targets a fresh clean face so you can see where your hits are.
  • Mount K-D Pivot Target up-side down so that they auto reset when hit and give you swinging action!
  • Mount BounceBack Series and KnockDown Series Targets on the sides of veritical 2x3 or 2x4.
  • Staple paper or styrofoam targets to the face of Newbold Targets
  • Mount K-D Pivot Targets so they hang upside-down on a cable. This eliminates the added expense of the Pivot Base.
  • Mount BounceBack Series Targets on L-Support Bases which can be screwed into your soft wood stand to easily snap your BounceBack Series Targets in and out of your target stand.
  • For more of a challenge, remove the center insert from your Center Hit targets and try to knock the target over or off the stand with a 4" diameter hole in the center.
Newbold Targets Make The Difference
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