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Newbold Targets offers a wide variety of self-sealing, shoot through targets for both indoor and outdoor ranges. Targets range in size from 2” – 42” and are priced from $2.49 – $274.99 with four color options, black, orange, red and yellow.

Whether you are a private or public range, Newbold offers targets which will suit the needs of all of your members and customers. Our targets come in rounds and squares, varmints, cowboy action targets, silhouettes, suits and much more.

Newbold KD-Pivot Series Targets offer your members the ability to manually reset their targets with a string or wire without having to stop fire and walk down range. These targets are made to knock down when hit but can also be hung upside down for swinging action. The KD-Pivot Base is made of the same material as our shoot through targets which makes them much more forgiving than other metal or steel bases when hit.

Newbold’s KD-Pivot Series and L-Series CenterHit Targets are the perfect reactive target to keep set up down range because they have replaceable centers which are easy to pop in and out when the center of the target wears before the frame. Ranges requested them and we provided – Newbold CenterHit Targets have low cost 4” replacement centers so that you only need to replace the center of the target and can continue to use the same target frame. Newbold CenterHit Targets save you money and time!

Newbold’s L-Series Targets can be mounted down to your soft wood frame for auto-reset or can be set on top of the target stand and knocked off for competition scoring. These targets can take the hits and our 8” L-Series Rounds can withstand over 1,000 hits with .45 caliber ammunition. L-Series Targets come in all different shapes and sizes, including varmints, suits, rounds and squares, bowling pins and Center Hits.


Newbold’s HangTuff Series come in sizes 2”- 10” and are our lowest priced and probably most fun group of reactive targets we offer. These targets hang by a 6” strap from your soft wood stand and can be mounted with wood screws or even wood staples for easy set up. These targets are extremely reactive and when hit they swing and flip around in all directions to signify a hit. HangTuff’s are sold separately or as a group of 5 in a variety of diameters to fit all of your needs. HangTuff Targets are easy to transport and quick to set up so you can begin enjoying them within minutes of arriving at the range.

And finally we introduce the Newbold Competition Kits. Whether you are looking for a fun bracket style, head to head competition for your members or you are just looking to save money on a group of targets, our Competition Kits are what you have been looking for. These kits feature some of our most popular targets in groups of 8 or 10 for head to head challenges and bracket style elimination at a discounted price. Sold with competition rules and instructions, these kits are ready to use right out of the box. Take a look at our L-Series and KD-Series lists of products to find our competition kits.


For Ranges and Range Masters, Newbold Targets is proud to offer a discount of 10% off on our full line of products.

At Checkout, this Discount will be automatically applied to all of the Newbold targets you order from when you are registered as a Certified Range or Range Master.

To Register click the link “Create an Account” at the top left of the page. Make sure to select that you are a Range/Range Master and fill in all the required information on the page. Your account will be verified within 24 hours and you will be eligible for the discounts below on all orders when you are logged into your account from that point on.


Total dollar amounts do not include shipping, handling, crating, taxes and products that are not made of our self-sealing ElastiMAX™ polymer target material, for example, soft wood target bases or wood screws.

These discounts are available until further notice.

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