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Set of (8) Long Wood Screws

Set of (8) Long Wood Screws

Product Code: 12145
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Newbold Fun Facts
  • Newbold ElastiMAX™ Self-Sealing technology for longer target life and safer reactive shooting.
  • Handles thousands of rounds
  • Seven times lighter than Steel! Safer than metal targets- Bullets pass thru without Splatter!
  • Use lead round nose or full metal jacket ammo. For maximum target life, use any caliber .22s thru .45s
  • Optimal bullet velocity ranges from 750 fps to 1,250 fps

For wherever steel can be used downrange. These are replacement wood screws for the L-Series Targets, KD-Pivot Pivot Base Assembly, the 22″ Popper Target Pivot Base Assembly and the 42″ Pepper-Popper Pivot Base Assembly. These wood screws attach the Newbold Targets and Pivot Base Asemblies to Wood Bases and Target Stands.

Product Specifications
Weight 0.04 lbs

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