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L-Series Accessories

L-Series Accessories

Parts and Accessories for Newbold L-Series Targets.

Find all of the parts and accessories that you need for your Newbold Targets all right here! These are accessories that you can use to make your shooting experience safe and fun. Just add bases for easy mounting or nuts and bolts made of ElastiMAX™ for use down range when steel is not permitted. Newbold makes replacement parts and accessories for all of our products that will answer the question “What can I use when my range won’t allow steel down range?”

Although all of our products can be used with simple wood screws, Newbold offers an array of non-steel mounting options for use indoors and out. These all-weather accessories can take the hits just like Newbold’s ElastiMAX™ targets because most of our accessories are made of our high tech ElastiMAX™ too! So you can stay confident that your target bases and mounting accessories will hold up against multiple random hits.

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Set of (8) Long Wood Screws
For wherever steel can be used downrange. These are replacement wood screws for the L-Series Ta..
Long ElastiMAX™ Nuts and Bolts
Used when steel cannot be placed downrange. These two, long, ElastiMAX™ polymer bolts can be used in..
Support Base for L-Series Targets
This L-Series Support Base can be fastened to your soft wood stand with four wood screws to quickly ..
4" ElastiMAX™ Center Hit Inserts
Low-cost inserts for 8″ Diameter L-Series and K-D Pivot Center Hit Target Frames. Inserts stay in th..
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