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Spring Tension Spool for 42" Pepper Popper (Discontinued)

Spring Tension Spool for 42" Pepper Popper (Discontinued)

Product Code: 12138
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Price: $14.49

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Newbold Fun Facts
  • Newbold ElastiMAX™ Self-Sealing technology for longer target life and safer reactive shooting.
  • Handles thousands of rounds
  • Seven times lighter than Steel! Safer than metal targets- Bullets pass thru without Splatter!
  • Use lead round nose or full metal jacket ammo. For maximum target life, use any caliber .22s thru .45s
  • Optimal bullet velocity ranges from 750 fps to 1,250 fps

This is a replacement for the String Tension Spool that is mounted at the far end of the old 42″ Pepper-Popper Base. Together with the two balance bolts, you use this string to add tension to the top of the 42″ popper target, to balance the target and to help the target lean forward and stand up straight.

If you have a new model 42" Popper with a 9" Tall Clevis you do not need to purchase this Spring Tension Spool. 

Preferred Ammo
Handgun Ammo (Full Metal Jacket Roundnose) .50, .45, .44, .40, .38, 9mm, 10mm, .50 Black Powder Ball, .58 Black Powder Ball
Rifle Ammo (Full Metal Jacket Roundnose) .45, .22 Long, 9mm, 10mm, .50 Black Powder Ball, .58 Black Powder Ball
Pointed (Spitzer or Spire-Point) FMJ Ammo Not Recommended for use with the 42" Pepper Popper Target
Product Specifications
Weight 0.50 lbs

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